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Game Room

Gamers will have access to some of the newest and most popular games for the Playstation and Xbox system. Gamers can reserve the game room area stations for free play, gaming tournaments or skills training.

content Studio

Our content studio space has endless opportunities! This space can be utilized for creating Youtube content, or any other desirable content. Our Green Room detail is a great way for athletes to create highlight reels, film study, podcasts, video shoots, vlogs and more.



I wanted my son to get the edge he needed to become a college basketball player. Coach Myson helped [David] by not only training him on the skill he needed to secure a scholarship, but he went as far as playing against him to make sure he was ready to perform in front of college coaches. I would recommend Hoops Univeristy to anyone who wants their son or daughter to develop or sharpen their skills.

Mark Muncy

Father of David Muncy, North Greenville University signee

You can search, but you'll never find a better trainer for your child. Stop wasting time and get going. You'll never regret it.

Melanie Hall

Mother of PJ Hall, Dorman High School

Ranked #1 In SC 2020 and #69 Nationally

We are so appreciative of you and all your hard work and positive energy. You are helping Nick transition to a guard and playmaker! We are looking forward to continued elevation of his game to make it to the next level. Nick is starting as a 7th grader on his middle school team. That would not have happened without your guidance and Nick's hardworking attitutde!!

Amy Cantrell Sweet

Mother of Nick Sweet, Powdersville Middle School


REPZ HOOPZ AND FITNESS is a top level training facility paired with exceptional basketball and fitness instruction that is committed to developing basketball skills and improving overall fitness levels.



307 E Amedee Drive LOT-B, Lafayette, Louisiana 70583

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